In regard to the major arts and entertainment and educational, cybernetic content delivery machine of MIII™, The WoodShedAZ!™ (as the incubator in Arizona) has been developing a franchise-licensed, commercially branded StarPort4Kidz!™ layer. This serves a commercially viable function in concert with Sir Richard Branson's branded S.W.-USA SpacePort! TheWoodShedAZ!™ (incubator) for StarPort4Kidz!™ was founded by LUCE and a group of forward thinkers. This professional retreat and crosswalk has cultivated a primary position in the global marketplace. This establishes a valuable niche in concert with Mr. Richard Branson's pursuits in this epic adventure.  The particularly unique “StarPort4Kidz!™” layer of the build-out of this platform is a fabulous, youth orientated, celebrity-adventure-based-space-tourism-reality-shift-matrix. The focus is on re-educating and re-entertaining kids worldwide in the New Energy World Society™ (N.E.W.S.™).
We are delivering entirely new methods of intelligence, entertainment and education for kids and adults of all ages. We are using a cybernetic paradigm-shift-sea-change platform environment to do so.  This is being done to provide an infinitely pulsating feed-line, to forever serve the ever-voracious hunger and world-wide consumer demand for always new and more vibrant entertainment programs. We deliver in all genres of entertainment from comedy, theatre, live-reality-event stages to progressive alternate forms of classic, rock, jazz, blues, space and reggae fusions and other mediums in gaming and digital film works.  The content is extraordinary because the aesthetics and technology base as well as the culture (way of life) of this platform, is extraordinary.
The WoodShedAZ!™ (incubator) for StarPort4Kidz!™ is an advanced aggregation-integration and market-maker configuration platform. It particularly reduces down the cost to producing new channels and venues in space-tourism and related brand marketing opportunities. This is relative to our Company’s unique “Q-Space” in honor of and support for Sir Richard Branson's SpacePorts!™ (Starports4Kidz™ is yet to be revealed), at our organization’s Level Four, Five and Level Six, ongoing platform press releases and through GoShowBLIVE!™

StarPort4Kidz!™, coined by our Company founder, as a collaborative new industry pursuit and vibrant new corridor, fully compliments and enhances the SpacePort!™ building industry.  It provides the back bone for the future of education and entertainment for the youth of this world, to support substantive progress for Space tourism and Earth Preservation Appreciation!™  Sophisticated StarPorts4Kidz!™ programs are being built in “M3-QSpace” (such particular type of space being unveiled partially at TheWoodShedAZ!™) and further in multiple locations, through out our organizations’ multi-site platform build-out.  Together with our not for profit partnerships and our for profit Ltd. Partnership programs we have built a New Energy World, for the 21st Century, so that what we leave to the kids of the next generation may truly be wonderful, for the many generations to come.

This new industry is made up of a consortium of companies and talented individuals, having in the aggregate, already captured hundreds of millions of dollars in revenues during the first part of the first decade of the 21st Century.  Our part in this massive transformative under current in the world is obvious. Read More: continued...
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