This adventure option is included with the price of a three day week-end booking at no charge for the mountain bikes, guiding services and the all-terrain vehicular access to the local territory. This adventure provides optimum ‘localized territorial accesses’ and bar none, bad to the bone, ‘gemstone-rock’ finding opportunity to no end. For your rock-hounding adventures we provide you with (2) mountain bikes and alpine overnight camp gear, well maintained for accessing the local terrain by foot or mountain bike.
We also provide you with a preliminary tour of the local area for prospecting purposes and professionally guided, rarified world-class services through pristine, beautiful and unique, outback high alpine desert terrain, ideal for mountain biking, hiking and rock-hounding with extra-ordinary 24 hour access (should you wish to set up an overnight campsite in removed terrain beyond the lodge site), to and from our one-of-a-kind, luxury Timber-lodge and Safari-base camp services, plus simultaneous, Flagstaff and Sedona-metro ‘day-culture’ and evening ‘nightlife’ access.
DISTANCE: On site, or for higher and lower altitudes, we take you via four-wheel drive automobile or ATV transport into fabulous territory where you then explore freely from the endless jagged edges of the Painted Desert-Little Colorado River basins and up throughout the dynamic volcano fields of the San Fransisco Peaks Eruption Blast Zone, with TheWoodShedAZ!™ DesertMasters™ Timber Lodge as your central base camp.
NO CHARGE for the bikes, overnight alpine camp gear and guiding services, compliments of the lodge and all inclusive with the price of your three day VIP bed and breakfast package.

ROADS: Unpaved Forrest Roads from our location, in the Outback, to all points.

TOURING: 1, 2 and 3 Day Outback High Alpine Desert Adventure Safari trips to and from TheWoodShedAZ!™ Timber-lodge base camp plus high altitude options in overnight Mountain Biking, Hiking, and Rock Hounding Safari-camps. Simultaneous day and evening access to the City of Flagstaff, Arizona and Sedona, Arizona with in-depth touring of surrounding National Monuments and Parks.
EQUIPMENT and STAFF: We have five gear GIANT Mountain Bikes, for you on site. Any extra Bikes required must be brought in independently. They may be arranged to be rented in the local area and delivered to the lodge by our Company for you. Please inquire if you need more than two Bikes. Police grade Walkie-talkies for localized communications are also available.
Handily located, the use of TheWoodShedAZ!™ Timber-lodge and its many great amenities, makes climbing rocks of the many diverse areas of this unique desert paradise beyond sublime. Handily located, the use of TheWoodShedAZ!™ Timber-lodge and its many great amenities, makes exploring the beauty of the many diverse areas of this unique desert paradise beyond perfect.
PRICE: $50.00/day per person

All inclusive with your three day VIP-Bed and Breakfast booking. Refer to General Policies.

Included with the Price: All what is included in the VIP Bed and Breakfast, three day package, plus Two Mountain Bikes, alpine overnight camp-gear and professional guides.
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