With this facet of our platform, we also deliver a unique integration of sustainable quantum energy building technology tools and creative regeneration spaces into StarPorts4Kidz™ This is a youth education and entertainment enhancement platform.   We have built TheWoodshed™ to to incubate the O.L.E.™ (Outdoor Living Energies™) water ranch and LIVE OUR LEGACY TODAY!™

The next step in providing StarPorts4Kidz™ at the O.L.E.™ Water Ranch is to install the EnviroponicsPermacultureAesthetics™ (EPA) absorption compliant green zone at 6,000 feet. Price Tag for this layer: $3 MM USD. This is a fabulous approach to “live site ‘syndicated’ branded entertainment!” for all ages. 
We’re an advanced, environmentally Earth friendly, quantum field, scientifically oriented technology displacement, paradigm-shift-sea-change-platform building organization! 
StarPorts4Kidz!™  is set within an intelligent “M3-Q Space”.  This is a parallel event horizon, brought into existence by LUCE, envisioned to enhance Richard Branson's SpacePorts™ adventure. 
This delivers a layer of excellence from LUCE, to Branson, in what is already extraordinary as part of The New Paradigm Shift.  Starports4Kidz!™ is an aspect of the C3PMD-Hub™ Matrix. That matrix is expanding “Abundantly-Green-Culture” conducting environmentally friendly ‘water-ranching', integrated with live site entertainment and serious technology displacement mechanisms.
The mission inside the Staroomz4Kidz!™ layer is to enhance the future of education and entertainment for children and adults of all ages.  This sector ties directly into the Nexus Server Centers and is launched through those mediums of exchange on a quantum global syndication scale. Our organization brings children from infancy up through Staroomz4Kids™ into an educational and entertainment matrix that facilitates the child away from traditionally dysfunctional programing and brings the child into their future today! This approach guarantees the fostering of the natural born genius within all children from in utero to adulthood. This is another aspect of our in-depth approach to raising earth consciousness to stop ecological catastrophes like global warming for good! It isn't just about planting trees, politics, money and technology.


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