Two Fabulous Locations for Horseback Riding Deliver High Value Adventures
The use of TheWoodShedAZ!™ Timber-lodge, makes exploring the beauty of the many diverse areas of this unique desert paradise and the entire Northern Arizona and Painted Desert region, truly sublime. High altitude, pristine Ponderosa Pine forests, Volcano fields, many National Monuments and Parks and the massive lava flows from the blast zone of the Stratospheric Volcano that formed San Francisco Peaks dynamic high Alpine locations are only the start of your Flagstaff Outback horseback adventure here.
As the multi-territorial journey of this trip unfolds across incredibly well mapped and professionally executed “Wild West” excursions from the main base lodge, TheWoodShedAZ!™ StaffXtreme™ team facilitates, in firstclass VIP style, the WildWest Horseback riding Safari with all supplies needed. TheWoodShedAZ!™ Timber-lodge base of operations for explorers, and its unique, personalized services into this pristine Northern Arizona wonderland for horseback riding enthusiasts, is the optimal experience.
This is an organized, high value packaged trip that facilitates our guests, professional access to private unknown pathways and rarified services, providing guests deep access into non-public exotic high desert environments for purely exhilarating and primal explorative experiences.
Yet close enough to the luxury of the day lodge at TheWoodShedAZ!™, to fully enjoy sumptuous base camp amenities, between expertly guided adventures into the depths of the quiet and zero populated upper regions of the volcanic Cinder basin region. This area is near the immediate blast zone from one of the largest stratospheric eruptions ever on Earth, on record. Horseback riding options in two prime horseback riding locations tied together across ancient tribal trading routes through mysterious RedRock Canyons and Volcanic Cinder Basin zones through two major altitude shifts provide a level of diversity and choice not easily matched in the “Wild West!”.
While situated close enough to the municipalities of Flagstaff and Sedona, “Northern Arizona Wood Shedders”, get to enjoy the best of many of these dynamic environments and may also opt for city night life events, if desired, to fully optimize their trips’ experience.
In addition to the Wild West Horseback riding Safari-adventure facet of your stay here, our three day Northern Arizona Grand Circle Tours, provide an additional volume of value for your vacation time, especially those who are on a one week, two week or three week adventure trip. The Grand Circle Tour, affords guests a fabulous three day, full area high quality ‘whirl wind tour’, to further see, experience and fully enjoy the overall region of this unique environment. We bring you into the “Depths of the Arizona Outback, High Alpine Desert …Wild West”, in the best horse back riding style, humanly possible!
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