We Honor and Respect Our Elders and the Ancient Ones Who Send!
From the Life Menu!™ Spiritual Awareness at This Destination Speaks & Acts! 
Ancient Ones Who Look Over Us Have Been Invited to Reside and Pray with Us for Our Guidance, Health and Success!
Our Business is "Is-Ness"
Life is too short not to take a pro-active choice in prevailing against the odds so that one may position themselves to live a full life and help others do the same. Our unique Personal-Lifestyle-Transformation program accelerates the opportunity for people to personally improve their lives beyond normal levels of comprehension to be able to live to the fullest. Prayer and intentional meditation in communications to the world, conducted in the spirit of the Ancient Ones. Preservation of the ancient story-tellers and their cultures is enhanced by this emerging remote site, business-adventure, high technology, and expert media production and programming hub matrix.
This ranch destination is part of a growing and unique Global communications matrix for promoting and establishing familiar tribal communications and facilitating community well-being worldwide. Through this portal, its people and the culture of this land, we create much needed cross-cultural entertainment and children's educational programming channels for commercial channel distribution worldwide. 
This is accomplished via the growing business and cultural platform of the principals which is described on the media and communications facets as a C3pmdhub - Matrix™.  Some of the more technical and media oriented facets of this platform can be further explored at www.c3pmdhub.com. We are strengthened daily from attenuation to the means by which movement of the Great Creator the Great Spirit (of which we all, from birth, are invited to enjoy a relationship with), is brought over the worlds people and its lands.

"Mo Ju Ba Awo Obatala! - I humble myself before the mysteries of Obatala!" 

"To Da San Dat Moi Mo Moya! - Keep your face to the sunshine and you will not see the shadows."
Homage to The One who Sends,
and to those who are sent!
Homage to Orisa and Ancestors!
African Sages

"Ifa does not lie; and Orisa never break their promises! As you continue to move forward On the Path to success; and as you continue to witness our Divine Power to Move The Ase, your vision will ignite experience and vision in others. And in this Context, and from this Process, a majestic community of individuals with both material power and spiritual wisdom can Emerge. And a new generation of leaders can be nurtured to believe in themselves, mentored to understand the characteristics of the Marketplace, and guided into the wisdom of the true nature of Creation. Orisa has acknowledged, approved, facilitated, and empowered our Process. Iba se Orisa ati Egun!"

Umar Sharif, M.A., CEO
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