Culinary Arts. Health. Personal Security. Independence. Key Club Adventure!
Book it for Seclusion, Private Parties, or Business-Life-Style Seminar!
Commercial and Professional Ranch activities include Gourmet Food & Beverage!: the integration of expertise, instructional's and programming in stylized culinary arts and the following:
Health and Welfare! 

18 Mudras (hands to heal thyself), Yoga, martial arts, multiple disciplines of professionally delivered healing arts, finely served cuisine (stylized desert-cafe lodge dinner settings) within an extreme sports action-diet context, personalized cuisine to fit specific clientele requests.

Personal Security!
Professional, effective and spiritually grounded martial arts and security training are available as part of the curriculum menus. 

Displacement technology conferencing and ongoing development in energy, tourism, transportation and tele- communications sectors. 

Strategic geomantic architectural dwellings with pristine high desert acreage (real properties, intellectual properties, strategic business enterprise and land sharing) programs (our exclusive Key Club Members program).
ReaLife™ Outback-Adventure!
Hiking, mountain biking, guided all terrain explorations to exotic high desert settings, relaxing on the sun decks or in the lodge jacuzzi. For those that wish to learn to para glide or hang-glide a local instructional camp is well established. The Grand Canyon, Sedona vortex and many recreational areas of the Flagstaff, Arizona region are between 35 minutes and under an hour away.
Winter Snow Activities are anticipated to begin in November and include (when the weather and snow is optimal) excellent high alpine downhill skiing, snow shoeing and sledding at San Francisco Peaks (40 minutes away). The scenery is beautiful, wildlife is highly visible, and the warmth of the fire in the simple wood stoves invites guests to nestle in with a good book and a hot drink. We offer abject serenity with personalized creative programs & adventure packages at optimal times of the year for travelers, guests and key club members. E-mail us at
ATV Park
Horseback Riding
Mt Biking
Broadband Internet Connection
Rock Hounding
Rock Climbing
Outback Gourmet
Trout Fishing
Children Under 12 Stay Free
Tribal Legends
Tipi Away Zone
The Great Circle
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