High Alpine-Desert, Outback-Adventure & Cross-Cultural Preservation Ranch!
Recognized sages in their intellectual pursuits and spiritual life practices are found on site during professional workshops and special events! Arts and humanties has never been better! Creative spaces in this unique location, offer an ever changing mindscape of unlimited invention and wonder. This ambient and very interesting space and time is brought to an optimal level of enjoyment for visitors and guests by the creative, technical and business people who have made this possible.  The principals of this location have generated this exciting adventure, to support the progressive advance- ment of their strategic corporate partnership experiences, human evolution and the enjoyment and enlightenment of any and all of those fortunate guests who may travel this way on their path! 
Since beginning this endeavor, the principals have traveled to and researched many other very unique one of a kind locations (such as this one) to acquire those locations.  The locations are being interconnected to feature  a unique multi - destination resort configuration within the context of this unique adventure - tourism and Business-Lifestyle-Tranformational wonderland. As our guests, we wish you peace, acceptance in your life and the courage to reach out to touch the spirit of adventure in your own life and others! Get a lift out of life and take a true Outback high desert adventure "American Serenghetti" style today!
Enjoy year round natural beauty! Be inspired by the genius of our select craftsmen and women. People of Spirit, specifically called on location to compliment the rarified service and expert facilitation of your holiday or special events!

"Mo Ju Ba Awo Obatala! - I humble myself before the mysteries of Obatala!" 

"To Da San Dat Moi Mo Moya! - Keep your face to the sunshine and you will not see the shadows."
Homage to The One Who Sends,
and to Those Who Are Sent!
Homage to Orisa and Ancestors!
African Sages
ATV Park
Private Zen Space
Horseback Riding
Mt Biking
Natural Healing Herbs
Rock Hounding
Rock Climbing
Optional Companions
Trout Fishing
Children Under 12 Stay Free
Tribal Legends
Fiery Sunrises
The Great Circle
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