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"The avid pursuit of quality in nurturing the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of our families, key club members, customers, strategic partners, clients and their families, while being responsible stewards of our human and financial resources. 
Our Business is "Is-Ness"
The Opportunity Menu!™ Create a Transformational Paradigm Shift! Evolution and Renaissance! Book these services and locations for Seclusion, Business Lifestylee-Tranformation Seminars and Strategic Meetings to get Tactical Results. Invest in Your Own Cultural and Business-Lifestyle-Transformation Process!
Business-Lifestyle-Transformation!™ A Powerful and unique executive performance contracting and delivery workgroup bureau, focused on professionally improving human lives. This ‘platform bureau’ operates as a sophisticated capital and professionally integrative services management systems module-set, unmatched anywhere. Available for professionals and principals seeking to empower their wealth, health and welfare through additional integration of one or more of the "Life Menu" curriculums along with the "Opportunity Menu", together with the BLT. (Refer to all components in the "Opportunity and Life Menus"). 
The true direction in alternative personal and individualized communications, energy, food and fuel production, transportation technologies, with nomadic wireless communications are some of the focal points of this BLT seminar. The BLT experience and training programs are brought to you by the principals, in conjunction with strategic partners, the location itself, and its surrounding geography, cultures and people. Guest seminar trainers and speakers are invited from professional referrals and a variety of institutions and organizations, to enhance the awe-inspiring series of the experiential and uplifting BLT programs.
Intuitive, technically based intelligence operations and collateral based services and products to empower the community against corruption and markedly increase both individual and organizational performances. training programs to existing personnel in advanced training, clients, industry partners, the investment resources pool, shareholders, primary contractors and new inductees. Customized packages in this dynamic realm of experience are available upon request! Packages in the BLT sector, begin at $2,000.00 per day per person and are delivered in minimum 14 day timeframe's. Typical BLT course registrations are between four to five weeks. Call 602.244.0270 to leave a message and someone will get right back to you! Or  These top-flight, life changing personalized, professional services at The WoodshedAZ!™ are at your fingertips today!
A Tribal and Mystic Cultural Context! 
Adults and business organizations are markedly and economically enhanced with the BUSINESS-LIFESTYLE-TRANSFORMATION! program. This program incorporates fabulous RealLife™ outback adventures and brings to life the great... "Adventures in the Spirit™" program to professional and creative people doing exciting and credible work by incorporating the best use of their Imagination and human spirit. The principals of this destination offer ambient, dynamically therapeutic and highly interactive curriculum based environments and developmental opportunities within the various catagories of this tremendous "OPPORTUNITY MENU!". 
ATV Park
Luxury Solar Suite
Horseback Riding
Mt Biking
Broadband Internet Connection
Rock Hounding
Rock Climbing
High Altitude Deck Spa
Trout Fishing
Fiery Sunrises
Tribal Legends
Outback Gourmet
The Great Circle
Millennium III -

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