Animals are great fun and wonderful companions. At TheWoodShedAZ!™ Timber lodge location, we keep a number of different types of animals for various reasons. Some of these animals are specifically for the comfort of our guests. We maintain a large aviary full of Cockatiels and parakeets both for viewing and sound pleasures. We also keep a cage of Finches; these birds are especially pleasant to listen to and enjoy in the early morning wakeup periods as they have a soft and comforting sound; as a group of birds they’re very pleasant. So the lodge is full of the sound of friendly nice birds to listen to, talk to and enjoy visually.

We also maintain a commanding character of an Amazonian parrot whose goes by the name of “Mr. Pickles” who is very animated and entertaining. There are dogs ‘for watch’ and a very friendly black cat named Plush ‘to chase the mice out’, proven to be an effective mouse population eliminator. These animals are transferable at any given request; from the lodge to outside the lodge into other quarters, based on your preferences. In ‘therapy work’ for the mentally or emotionally challenged our ranch will engage in the use of horses. Animals are a great pleasure. We realize that some people are allergic to cats, dogs, birds and other animals. Please request the animals be removed or tell us what your preference is, regarding the animals and the lodge will configure the ‘animal population’ to suit your fancy. Thank-you.



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