Step 6: Strategic Venturing at The WoodShedAZ - L5. 
PlatinumCommerce™ L5. Principal Terms. (Initial Term Sheet Items via Link Below)
Note: The various principals and personalities reflected on this web site are sourced from our proprietary Aggregated Resource Pool, which we refer to as (the ARP).

Our Business is "Is-Ness"
Our organization and various principals and board of directors communicate to and work with primary individuals and their organizations in ‘the ARP’ from time to time; depending on the business we are enhancing, building or expanding. These folks are either shareholders in our organization, venturing with our organization, engaging in proposals to venture with our organization or are advisors or have an affiliated contact with our organization or are part of the interesting historical ‘story’ of our organization.
Because of the unique, curious and interesting aspects, of the business of our organization, there are many folks and organizations in ‘the ARP’, whom come from the affluent, major arts, entertainment, technology, industrially influential layers of our society. Our organization and various principals in the organization have worked for many years to maintain relationships and information flow to ‘the ARP’ for the purposes of forwarding the SCV (Strategic Corporate Ventures) of the Company. After all, our organization is the creator of ‘the ARP’ and is also as well, a ‘card-carrying-member’.
This web site is the result of the focused creative, production and marketing work of its creators and producers. The business description of this organization by definition is that of an aggregator and market maker. The business elements of this web site are an aggregation of various ideas and ideals being cultivated or already realized. Mutual ideology across a broad spectrum of professionals and leaders in business, culture and politics influence the core of the various integrated intellectual, cultural, political, sociological and business opportunities that are the factors driving the specific endeavors developed or being developed by the principal business owners and their affiliate companies or organizations, featured on this web site and in many other domains.
The media and communications facet of this powerful aggregation and market maker platform is providing the communications and media, to aggregated groups of integrated management configuration resource pools, (privately contracted people, organizations and related privately held resources and collateral materials) a unique channel and Sustainable Organizational System, to establish secured work and opportunities together with mutual ideological objectives. There are no securities being offered on this web site. This is educational news and information knowledge based web communications.
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Horseback Riding
Mt Biking
Broadband Internet Connection
Rock Hounding
Rock Climbing
Outback Gourmet
Trout Fishing
Children Under 12 Stay Free
Tribal Legends
Tipi Away Zone
The Great Circle
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