The WoodShedAZ!™ with its emerging O.L.E.™ (Outdoor Living Energies™) water ranch, was founded by a group of forward thinkers. It is a professional retreat and crosswalk to cultivate a primary position and establish a series of valuable branded niche markets in this exciting, adventuresome Earth consciousness raising activity! Hello Sir Richard!

Richard Branson, Paul Allen and Burt Rutan's forays into Space Tourism and Orbital Transportation could be a much needed solution to reducing the burning of high octane fossil based jet fuels. These high altitude spacejets could use the earth's orbital enertia as an inherient earth energy source. This orbital inertia could be harnessed to allow space jets the ability to travel the world without the massive consumption of fossil jet fuels. As we all know burning fossil fuels is a predominant cause of global warming. Therefore, Spacejets could be part of the soultion!
We know that the spacejet programs are being promoted to raise human awareness of the beauty of planet Earth. That "airborne awareness" should run parallel to the ground. People everywhere should understand that we cannot build the same old grid around these spaceports (like the failed Phoenix megalopolis model.) That is why we install TheWoodshed™, in order to "woodshed" complex solutions for the SpacePorts™, thus further raising mass human conscious awareness about how to fix our environment. This is an example of how to stop global warming for good. TheWoodshedAz!™ is therefore evolving StarPorts4Kidz™ as part of the O.L.E.™ (Outdoor Living Energies™) water ranch, delivering business intelligence over the top of exciting new forms of education and entertainment.
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