Cathedral Sleeping Berths in Executive Club-House Environment
The upper level club house style atmospheres contain very pleasant aesthetic qualities that offer an inspiring point of view. These ‘berths’, are suspended in the Cathedral ceiling peaks (East and West) and are outfitted for sleeping reading and work study – Internet broadband wired ‘or not’, you decide. The berth spaces afford guests, vast, airy panoramic desert views. This page shows a display of the Eastern and Western berths with stunning and refreshing views into the Painted Desert. The berths overlook the upper level executive club house spaces, viewing decks and deck spa of the lodge.
There are also the various aspects of the club-house style living, working and sleeping spaces in between the Cathedral ceiling berths. This esthetically pleasing multi use space is set up as an executive club house style work, lounge and sleeping space, private family or executive work group style living quarters. These living and working spaces span across the expanse of the wooden cathedral ceilings surrounded by roughhewn old growth timbers. For those who occupy this space, the upper area of the day lodge, spanning in between each sleeping berth and in the sleeping berths, enjoy the club house style atmosphere which is conducive to experiencing optimally productive time, whether working or consulting together when not sleeping, reading or working on line.

For instance, it is a fabulous space for executives and their top workgroup team members to reside, while on a working-adventure style vacation or in conference with team workgroup members or perhaps even clients, who are also sharing the day lodge. It is also equally as fabulous for private and utterly quiet solitude for traditional family vacationers. And, it is atremendous group of integrated spaces to throw a major celebratory special event; major holiday or just for someone or something special; corporate retreats, church group retreats, etc.

Inside the East Berth

This upper level executive workgroup, family or entertainment club house style space, in an open day lodge desert atmosphere, where the entire upper floor of the day lodge is perfect for a core workgroup executive team to sleep, work together and relax in, while focusing on strategic project work where no distraction is paramount. Corporate clients are able to work on a portion of eighty feet of executive work-spaces and viewing tables with broadband Internetworked studio cyber-workspace.
* Tables, Special Work Group Lighting and Workspaces are Prepared on Request.
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