The Woodshed AZ Shaves 70 lbs. off of Don Gaynor in 100 Days!

Featuring, (songwriter, performer, and record producer), the inegmatic Don Gaynor of "Twisted Radio" fame. Previously heard nationally in 357 markets, and originating from the Bob Rivers, 99.9  KISW "Seattle's best rock" radio show!

On top of the obvious transformation for Don above, TheWoodShedAZ! also facilitated brand new original material in his music over a period of five months, with the direction of producing a dynamic new album that is full of fabulous tunes! 

Don says, about his "Career-Transformation-Work" at TheWoodShedAZ!, "I have never experienced such an exciting shift in my ability to grow artistically, mentally, spiritually and physically, as I have, at this incredibly powerful location.  Millennium III Corporation it's professional people and its founders, are amazing with what they can do for artists, business people, community people and for kids, with their Cross-cultural communications platform.  In what they have done for me, I am convinced they can do this for many people. 

People, in general, I believe, are looking for the "real deal", in developing their very refreshing and exciting Lifestyle-Transformation, that directly and immediately impacts the individual and their quest for both individuality and wealth building. This organization cultivated in my inherent talents and personality to bring out in me, what I could never do for myself. I especially recommend the professional artist development platform, Gregg Scott Luce, of MIII Media Communications Corporation, has put together, to any record label or management company wishing to get the most from their investment in their talent. This is a winner!"
Don Gaynor



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