Sushi Mandala’s World of Edible Art!
“It’s the Rice Thing to Do!”
For intimate Outback VIP dining experiences! Your own Personal Sushi Chef on site for your events customizes the fresh delivery of Sushi Mandala’s!
Preparations are for a wonderful dinner for two or for small groups of up to six. This incredible array of taste sensations are served fresh in the comfort of your own private event with your personal friends or family.
PRICE: $370.00 2/6 people
Your own personal Safari Sushi Chef! Hand prepared gourmet Sushi! And, Moroccan gourmet desert barbecue! In the alpine high desert horseback riding Volcano trail country of Flagstaff!
PRICE: $210.00 2/6 people
Your own personal Sushi Chef. Hand prepared gourmet Sushi! And, Moroccan gourmet desert barbecue! In the horseback riding outback, red rock trail country of Sedona!
Now and Zen: Miso Soup, cucumber salad, green tea, green tea ice cream, and a very special hand made Oriental style dessert. (1) to (4) persons. Priced below.
Balance : Miso Soup, Steamed and salted soy bean salad or an Asian Noodle Salad. 2 Maki Nori (roll). 2 Temaki (hand roll), green tea and a very special hand made Oriental style desert. (5) to (10) persons. Priced below.
Harmony: 2 Maki Nori (roll), 1 Temaki (hand roll), Miso Soup, Cucumber Salad or an Asian Noodle Salad and a very special hand made Oriental style desert. Priced below.
Outback Sedona: $70.00. Outback Flagstaff: $90.00
* Catering trays for larger parties are available for custom order in advance.
High Tea and Moroccan Barbecue!
The sumptous, mouth watering flavors of the North African country come alive on the decks of TheWoodShedAZ!™ Served to perfection “American Serengeti Style!"
* Servings are for Two to Eight People - $70.00 per person. Gratuity Included.
The Main Courses : Brochette of Lamb, Tomato Salad with Avocado and Preserved Lemons & Carrots with Paprika and Capers
For Dessert : Couscous with Apple-Ginger Topping and Orange Sauce, served with a platter of fresh seasonal fruit and honey sweet Medjool dates
Fresh sweet mint tea is served at the end of this fabulous high tea and dinner time event.
Optional – Alcoholic Beverages (1) Bottle with each $120.00 order: Morrocan wines such as the light rose Gris de Boulaouane or the robust Cabernet Cuvee du President and Morrocan Beer, all selections which are imported into the United States.
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