The future or today! Entire cities built within an organic-resonant - EarthSpace - What can this look like? What kind of environments will mankind gravitate to in order to preserve culture and create a lasting peace and understanding on Planet Earth? Will we make it to the pinnacle of our potential? Are we the keepers of the flame or the harbingers of an onslaught of digressive chaos?
QUESTIONS FOR SPACEPORTS & SPACEJETS? Should not land developers be regulated by a powerful EnviroponicsPermacultureAesthetic™ (EPA) absorption compliant green zone model at the White Sands, New Mexico SpacePort™ zone. Should not White Sands be a EnviroponicsPermacultureAesthetic™ (EPA) absorption compliant model for all cities? (Is the White Sands, New Mexico Spaceport™ another heat sink? Or is it going to be directed into becoming environmentally Earth friendly? We understand that Governor Richardson and Richard Branson and those who are involved in this, have their hands full in hopefully seeing to it that this region is culturally and environmentally preserved. We strongly suggest you folks contact our organization from the communications we have already sent you and that you pursue with us the ability to substantively balance your carbon footprint there?
The cultivation of SpaceCulture™ is the most exciting of all industrial and commercial undertakings today. It is today's incubation tank for tomorrow's greatest accomplishments. We are doing this incubation today (example) StarPorts4Kidz™
Our organization delivers the leading edge of business intelligence entertainment, rich media communications design and architecturally evolved eco space, to facilitate humans to integrate with their environments better. You are reading about this Spaceculture™ (way of life) on this website. Book a special event here... GoShowBlive!™ or make reservations at (
Organic, Vibrant, Functional, Hyper-Spatial-Living-Structures. Millions of humans live in perfect harmonic vibration with the Earth. Humans and life on the planet coexist in perfect harmony. The cities at the edge of forever (new energy villages such as S.O.S.-I.E.V.™) are designed to  harmonically resonate with the Earth, bringing the natural world of wonder and beauty into the highest peak of experiential human potential. This is being implemented with the technology that we have in our hands today! (We should not let the greedy land hawks develop the same old grid "heat sinks" next to these new Spaceports!™ Big business land developers should be regulated to EPA absorption compliancy standards before they are "permitted".)
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