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At TheWoodShedAZ!™ we continue to follow the  footsteps of that inventive pioneering American Spirit in the great tradition of the Mills-Soleri architectural team, in concocting an intimate relationship with the ever shifting dynamics of the high Alpine desert environment of Northern Arizona's" American Serenghetti! " The developers and functionaries of this platform have worked for ten years to bring this dynamic platform to those seeking a higher path in life beyond the mediocre world of the average.
Would you like to get away from the things you love to use slowly kill yourself? Questionable diets, stress without management, poisonous uncontrolled relationships, too much "business" without enough results, life unfulfilled? This is a highly integrated Outback-Adventure Business Lifestyle Transformation, Healing Arts and Cross Culturall-communications platform which is launching progressive programs to serve children and adults of all ages.
We have launched this exciting Outback-Adventure, B&B-Fine Cuisine, Healing Arts and Business Lifestyle Transformation base in the Northern Arizona Outback, TheWoodShedAz. This multi-faceted "GEMSTONE" platform, is being mastered and replicated in rarified, remote-site Outback regions and expanded on a national and international scale. The principals of this organization, have been building and expanding this unique Business Lifestyle Transformation™ and Cross Cultural Media Communications Platform, as an avante garde MATRIX, since 1994.
With the infusion of refined intellectual properties developed by the principals, ongoing professional assistance from long-term, principal contracted (in-depth processing over time) service providers, Umar Shariff (M.A., Internationally acclaimed author, sociologist and martial arts master Siefu), HJ-PGroup, (Intentionally recognized explorers and aerospace engineers, Space-tourism Space Jet developers), "Platinum Mike Ibsen" (recognized Information Knowledge & Business Intelligence Expert), Jesse Miller (Entrepreneur, Designer and Recording Artist), Joseph Jacques, ("Dr. Buckeroo Bonzai" Creating a Societal Truth!), Paul Kollman (under-network-layer & strategic ombudsman), Tom Bleasdale (Recognized healing arts master), Karl Stone (Internationally recognized Imagist & Cinematographer), Stan Devereaux (Internationally recognized performance artist), Andrew McGaillard (Graphics and Layout artist), Rob Craer & Impact Printing (Commercial Printers) and a myriad of other talented contract professionals within the platforms' Media Communications hub matrix, all working together, make up the success of this endeavor. 
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