High Flying, Free Falling, Fast Turning Wheels Roll Out Fabulous Results!
"As a small adventure and business group, our collective organizational imaginations has generated an abundant and vibrant, expanding business world, within a dynamic ongoing adventure that has resulted in a diverse and very enjoyable lifestyle. We did this with the direct intention, to fully enjoy life, while serving others professionally with the very best of what we have created from our collective experiences."
What is the genuine value added to any Company, of a tight-knit professional corporate team that manages tremendously successful calculated risks throughout very difficult and long term marketplace fluctuations? Works hard with successful long term results? Delivers multiple products, rarified professional services and generates the ultimate platform that continues to deliver day in and day out, regardless the difficulties at hand?
What is then the genuine commercial value added, that comes from such a team, on such a platform, in the form of the delivery of the resale of these rarified professional services to other companies and organizations? What is then the value added, that gets delivered by not just one dedicated team but multiple teams, across multiple related divisions, carefully developed over time, working together for the same objectives off the same platform, co-owned by the teams that founded the platform? And yet again, many of these work groups labor across invisible lines, from their locations, sight unseen by the general public; they are all interlinked together in combinations of free wheeling and free falling, fast turning “spoke-wheels of atomic workgroups”, managed within a unique cybernetic organization online and offline configurations.
Long term team ships do pay big dividends. The leaders of these “high-flying professional atomic workgroup teams” stick together for long periods of time at the core operations level; a well engineered cybernetic organization, providing unique services and products for the primary media communications Company (MIII) and transferring through technical licensing and contracts, these rarified services into other individuals and Companies, vis a vis professional alliance work and ongoing ventures.
Building through delivery of unique products and serving unique situations and unique people in a unique time in history. Such a workgroup platform is MIII-TheWoodShedAZ! (a Strategic Business Alliance). Evolved strategic business operations displayed in this web site are packaged in the form of TheWoodShedAZ!™ DesertMastersLodge™ and Energy DomeParks!™ with multiple affiliate expansion, all related to what the StaffXtreme™ teams are delivering or producing. Displayed in the pictures at the top of this page the StaffXtreme™ team test drives an innovative hybrid-electric vehicle that travels in top-gun style across any type of tough ground, water and snow conditions.
Long term risk taking. This platform was produced from the focused efforts of top gun atomic workgroup teams, over eleven years of service and production, people taking extreme risks together and driving new innovation, creating vehicles that go over any kind of ground and taking on any type of challenge, to make the objectives and deliver the milestones.
ATV Park
Horseback Riding
Mt Biking
Broadband Internet Connection
Rock Hounding
Rock Climbing
Outback Gourmet
Trout Fishing
Children Under 12 Stay Free
Tribal Legends
Tipi Away Zone
The Great Circle
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