Pictured here, originators and free thinkers of the Company, work in a high-rise “MIII-metro-studio-hub-application” build out; professionally contracted members of the Millennium III™ organization, some of whom are Co-Founders. These brilliant people became the first who actually successfully were able to merge their professional disciplines to serve and deliver the necessary, two very difficult, embryonic levels (L1-L2) of Nine Levels) of required integration schemas offered by the Founder, to realize the full potential of the original works of the Founder. These hardy souls embarked on a long-range journey into a brave new world of yet undiscovered realities in uncharted space and through uncertain times.
As a result, a portion of the platform today reflects their founded brilliance; from the grandeur and majestic reality, of the Company locations in the select high altitude alpine climes of the Northern Arizona desert region of the Great Sacred Circle, in the Four Corners regions of the S.W. United States. As predicted eleven years ago by the Founder, this would indeed be the reality. The work here is ongoing, night and day, at the executive and production studios of the Company with a few of the Company producers, who are commonly referred to in the history of the Company as “The Digital Marines!”. Today, production continues at L3!
These incredibly talented people who first worked together to engineer such a novel reality, beginning as a Company (MIII) in 1994 perhaps had no true idea what would ultimately unfold; it was bold and vivacious and fueled by the enthusiasm of the “Age of Digital Fusion”, everyone jumped in. Since then, the original Co-founders and a myriad of others along the way, derived and evolved great works from the consciously innovative architectural drawings and mind-maps first generated by the Founder, Gregg Scott Luce. Mr. Luce focused on ten years of preliminary foundational work, prior to actually incorporating the Company, in the work of “preparing to prepare people” who could possibly undertake the building of the foundation of the actual Company (MIII), from inception in 1994. Pictured here are some more of the original MIII atomic workgroup team members, Mr. Paul Kollman (ombudsman), Mr. Joseph Jacques (exploring a new societal truth) and Mr. Tito Pagan (master animator and cyber-space-game producer), tops in their multiple fields of various professional endeavors.
Today, after eleven years of extreme commitments, the Company enjoys the dedication of a multiple number of Co-Founders and primary contractors with strengthening of the Companies Strategic Business Alliances (SBA’s), who have successfully delivered a Level Three (L3) “Gemstone Real Estate” based “Evergreen Killer Application Platform™” (EKAP), some of which is visibly represented on this web site in the various facets and functional forms of the physical locations of TheWoodShedAZ!™ DesertMastersLodge™ and EnergyDomeParks!™ in Arizona, S.W., USA.
This is the successful result of the original works of the Founder and contributing works of Co-Founders, over the past eleven years, to include the ongoing works of the many from the Company (MIII), with its Strategic Business Alliances (SBA’s). The organization has in recent months, been moving into a certifiable and verifiable Level 4 or (L4) deployment of nine total levels (L1-L9), to serve to the world an ultimate mechanism that delivers an incredible world of wonders in rich lifestyle transformation and aesthetic living for people of all classes, without bilking the Earths’ resources (through simply raising the consciousness on the planet by using our platform to do so), for those generations to come.
ATV Park
Luxury Solar Suite
Horseback Riding
Mt Biking
Cathedral Sleeping Berths
Rock Hounding
Rock Climbing
High Altitude Deck Spa
Trout Fishing
Excercise Equipment
Tribal Legends
Tipi Away Zone
The Great Circle
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