PlatinumCommerce™ L5. Description, Designs & Term Sheet (Initial)

Functional Delivery Units™ in Advanced Architecturally Functional Environments. Delivers fabulous alternatives to traditional building methods.
Architecturally Brilliant! Functionally engineered building construction for today. Lasts for generations to come! High value aesthetics. A patented functional delivery unit! Available through purchase and licensing agreements these structures are able to be efficiently optimal and holistically appealing aesthetics. Exciting alternatives in the full integration of business, home, entertainment, educational and technology enhanced environments for living. Once materials are ordered and placed on site, construction to completion is only a few weeks. These structures are Earthquake proof, fireproof, flood proof and hurricane proof!
These fabulous alternatives to traditional construction also feature fully integrated, advanced nutritional food fuels and wind and solar alternative energy production techniques, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of an average lifetime and enhances the chances for an actual dynamic increase in the lifetime of the spaces inhabitants. Multi-generational construction lasts hundreds of years. Optimized aesthetic environments. 
Integration of business, lifestyle, educational, entertaiment and cultural needs to seek the optimum level of enjoyment and the maximum level of integration in revenue producing and lifestyle enhancement features for the owners of these fine spaces. Builders and developers can approach the delivery of  a functional city that changes the course of metropolitan sprawl in a positive energy and lifestyle transformation.Environmentally conscious expansion works to counter-act damaging entropy of the post-industrial age that has been destroying our Planet. Ideal for Townships and improved city building.
Delivery base. Innovation! @TheWoodShedAZ™EnergyDomeParks™ and Geomantic Villages. Proven Healing Arts Technologies with a fully integrated Rich media hub matrix. Sophisticated commercially proven, Transation Engagement Management Systems included, (as optional software based modules), integrated and built into Functional Delivery Units: Licensing of FDU's - Functional Delivery Unit, technology and Fractional Membership Shares to Destination "Gemstone" Homes. Featured to the right is the INVENTOR of the SuperNova (top of page) and Business Center (below) Designs and construction patents: Ray Gunthardt. Mr. Gunthardt is working professionally, via contract procedures, with the principals of Millennium III™ Media Communication and TheWoodShedAZ!™ at this time. This is to further enhance build out of futuristic functional option potentials. Bringing these unique ambient designs from the drawing board to the construction site is the commercial process.
ATV Park
Luxury Solar Suite
Horseback Riding
Mt Biking
Private Zen Space
Rock Hounding
Rock Climbing
Trout Fishing
Tribal Legends
Tipi Away Zone
The Great Circle
Millennium III -

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