Spirited and Effective Facilitation of Naturopathic Healing Practices! 

Substantive health benefits for people in need of rehabilitation, and who are serious about their health. This clinic, is for people who are serious about engaging in an adventurous, fun filled process to get serious about maintaining good health for the rest of their lives! 

For instance, our clinic has established an extra ordinary and permanent weight loss solution for people in pain, from being too over weight.  The process is guaranteed. 
The process,  is also very important, not only on losing the weight itself but also as importantly, in maintaining a highly charged positive mental outlook, before during and after treatment. We not only hit the weight and knock it out for good, but we also attack the subliminal aspects of depression and anxiety that come with that process.
Our doctoral clients -patients, through the integration of these rarified post naturopathic-traditional medicinal integrative care services, are obtaining a more sophisticated "reality check" regarding the more typical and many times horrendously dysfunctional "medical" treatment programs out there. Selecting the right set of options in the post naturopathic and integrative services, for each client/patient is determined by close communications and collaboration with both the client/patient and the naturopathic doctor with that client/patient.
With Licensed instructional doctors and medical aids, we provide personalized and restorative post naturopathic health, fitness and personalized entertainment programs. These one of a kind programs are exported and customized especially for the recovering patient within our dynamic Outback Adventure experience! 
"To Intelligent to be Categorized"
This is done by infusing the therapies from the sciences of Clinical Nutrition, Alternative Medicine, Massage, Herbal Medicine, Exercise, Therapy, Counseling, Acupuncture (when called in by order) and Spinal Manipulation (when called in by order), within this high alpine desert altitude complex. By combining the naturopathic and clinical disciplines with entertainment and a supreme Outback catering service, people who are on a path to expediting and  accelerating their recovery from extreme stress or creating extradition from serious debilitative addictions, experience better results and a greater deal of joy in their healing process. This is paramount to real healing and personal transformation!
The process we deliver, brings out a stronger degree of client/patient enthusiasm to help self-actuate the internalization of their very own personal health programs and give them a chance to comprehend the full spectrum of treatment options available to them! This process alerts the client/patient of potential dangers in thinking that standard forms of Westernized "medical treatments", that were formerly thought to be "okay", may not actually be "okay". This is absolutely critical to the healing process for anyone today. 
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