For a thousand years, since the end of the great stratospheric volcanic eruption that established the San Francisco Peaks volcano region in and around Flagstaff, Arizona, this unique area has seen the rise and fall of the ancient Anasazi, the ongoing, majestic presence of the Hopi and Navaho nations, decades of Wild West action and before all that the great void; endless desert sun, radical weather patterns in the form of perpetual monsoons and winter storms, oceans of infinite space in a millennium of time. This mysterious high desert Anasazi, Native American Indian and Wild West cultural history…
The only force this “timeless mystique” could not repel was the economic progress of the 21st century. But the departure from the predominant present modern society of the ancient cultures was not the end of rich cross-cultural evolution in the remote high desert “space ways”. Today, along the edge of those ancient space ways, or better called the “edge of forever” in a separate reality, somewhere between the “21st Century” and the “5th Space”, exists the low spark of modern alchemists. Working to carve an unfettered place in time, removed far and away from the poison of modern “21st Century post modernist society”. These alchemists work to demonstrate the emergence of a newly evolved, most positive face from human kind. Such is the nature and grace, the culture (way of life), of this development.
Forging the Face of Change!™ Most specifically in recent years, the very focused and intense work of the Founder and a growing and active group of Co-Founder(s), have “Forged the Face of Change!™” across free space, to create incredible results. Established for the long term, in the process, was cemented, a persistent and very adept group of experts, who enjoy building these types of extra-ordinarily unique one-of-a-kind platforms. Although the Founder of this platform, originated the entire matrix you see here that evolved physically, originally it was delivered as a highly refined digitally based “portable-intelligent-infrastructure” (PIN), designed to evolve in Nine Levels of specific sustainable organizational systemic operations.
The evolution of this work has very predictably taken on its many physical forms and has many amazing facets. A fair explanatory of the current evolution reflects the “Mechanism of Rich Media Culture™” whose many members are very effectively delivering professional services in business-to-business-intelligence, rich media and cross-cultural business and lifestyle enhancement for people and organizations with a strong focus in unique hospitality and tourism services.
The entire proprietary knowledge based PIN of the Company (MIII), has been cleverly set within a primary “Gemstone Estate Management” (GEMStone™) platform”, providing its residents with the awe inspiring, powerful GEM Cat ™ Bioenergetic health and lifestyle programs that literally and favorably extends life itself and provides abundance and excellence in lifestyle, for people.
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