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Commentary for Participants in Stage III
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The Nexus Server Center Division – Stage IV Operations

Brief back-ground of status.  This powerful division is expanding from the implementation of the third and into the fourth Stages currently being offered by the organization in the form of a very few Commercial Advertising positions on our web realms, a very few structured Ltd. Partnership Key Club Memberships and monetary donations to our venturing partners program with the ‘not-for-profit-501c3 org’ O.L.E.™ (Outdoor Living Energies™) Water Ranch with limited and not for profit partners O.U.R.™ / N.A.R.E.X.™ programs.

While the above is available today, those who are participating in the above as today’s opportunities are by way of the process, also given first options into the organization expanding the reach of this state wide program, into multiple Real Estate location-based, Arizona state wide developments in 15 counties in the State of Arizona, which began with DL Thompsons’ foundation of the Outdoor University Reforestation™ and subsequently, The Making of the O.L.E.™ (Outdoor Living Energies™) Water Ranch layer with limited and not for profit partners O.U.R.™ / N.A.R.E.X.™ at TheWoodShedAZ!™ in Northern Arizona.

This is being done within the context of the research we did (please review this web link 'Sonoran Desert Research' , which testifies to the existing long term “rape-pillage-plunder” mentality of Arizonas’ historical-land-use developments and others in the “great - S.W. - Basin” region S.W. - USA). 

The Water-dirt-seed-ranching layer, O.L.E.™ (Outdoor Living Energies™) with limited and not for profit partners O.U.R.™ / N.A.R.E.X.™ of this S.O.S.-I.E.V.™ R.D.U. is therefore being implemented, relative to the only viable well-engineered and effectively researched Water - river - lands - reforestation - preservation Venture Program in Implementation Stages in the State of Arizona today. 
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