Arizona Reforestation Proposals and Related Commercial Venturing Activity
Example case study: The True Ecological History* of the Man-made Sonoran Desert*
Results have been the complete deforestation of entire ‘world- regions’ resulting in starvation and economic disparity on a global scale. Therefore here and now, what is the potential we have to realize, in new and old approaches to full scale Global Reforestation, through “neighborhood participation”?
The LIVING ENERGIES and HIGH-FLYING ATV and Helicopter Technology.
Air, Land and Water Transportation Vehicle Projects.
PROPOSALS and Workshop-seminar Subject Matter: In supporting a movement of localized and regionalized ‘neighborhood Riparian enhancement participation program’ to enhance full-blown reforestation of the Sonoran and high alpine deserts of the State of Arizona, innovative low cost air, land and water transportation vehicles are being developed. Through installing Helicopter and unique All Terrain Vehicle manufacturing facilities at a low cost, our facility for Riparian Enhancement work generates high profit margins. This is not just expensive “R&D”. Pictured in this page is one of the advancing prototypes on ATV land and portable power plant transportation for use in the more arid Outback high desert terrains, in getting work done and people transported without causing damage to the environment either physically or from noise pollution. The vehicle is a hybrid-electric go anywhere, power-plant and carries two men, plus 500 pounds of equipment with its own 1600 watt power plant. This vehicle can be reproduced and sold on the public marketplace for $8,000.00 per vehicle, out performing and out-competing anything remotely available. Our purposes are immediate in the use of the vehicle for practical ranch operations on the Colorado high plateau. Thank-you for your review.
HIGH ALPINE DESERT CONFERENCES at TheWoodShedAZ!, are available for booking. Please inquire at the numbers supplied to you on the site. Discounts on Retreat destination space, is being made available to “Transportation Sector, Workshop-seminar attendees”. Learn how we manufacture SILENT LOW COST HELICOPTERS and extraordinary ATV transport for air, water and land usage. And, Enjoy the process of high security conscious exposure, learning and engagement into this sector of needed industrial development, at the Outback-safari-adventure Timber lodge work-shop-seminar sessions. Work with us in our installation of a world-class, primary “high technology, AIRcraft and ATV transportation division for the purposes of local ranch contract operations enhancements on the Colorado Plateau and for accelerating, benefiting and quickening the “riparian-enhancement alpine desert installation site’ in the high Arizona desert. TheWoodShedAZ!
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