Step 5: Business to Business Venturing.

Our Business is "Is-Ness"
TigerTeamCORE! And B2B-IntelCORE! To obtain access to the internal core of our organization, if you are in that frame of reference to do so, we will supply you with a start point, at the “Instructions & Protocols, nda/nca”, $-trading in collateral, Menu. You will complete these Engagement Protocols a step at a time, should your preference be to engage internally. This particular process is done in person, by phone, fax, email and on location. Thank you. For serious inquiries in this division of the activity of our enterprise platform, we invite you to our location once you have proceeded with completing introductory Instructions and protocols of the Company, to engage at this level of activity. (Feel free to review this web section as a part of the process in joining our organization).
You are in the Business-to-business venturing sector now. In order to understand the purpose of this section and participate in a certifiable company milestone waterfall of capital reception and delivery process, you must have at least, already gone through and reviewed and understood the contents of the previous a. Workgroup and seminars program b. The corporate retreat program c. the Business Lifestyle Transformation program and d. the Key Club Memberships program sections in this ACTIVITIES section of our business enterprise area, which is the main header-sector of where you are at, on this web site.

If you wish to go back to ‘recreation’ and not think about the business end of the RealLife!™ pursuit here, then please exit from this section and go back to the Home page and move from left to right in the main headers or surf wherever you wish. ACTIVITIES, is where our business platform engages on a commercially scaleable level of business-lifestyle-improvement levels of objective activity, starting from the header, and drilling down into the various levels and layers of our business engagement and activities process and then moving from left to right, finally arriving into SpaceCulture!™
This section of Activities is for people who are interested in creating a strategic Ltd. Partnership position and professional business module as a qualified plug in, in the form of a Ltd. Partnership module of the Company. This is for people that possess unique proprietary high technology or have the capability to produce unique proprietary high technology or strategic business resources that the Company is interested in working to facilitate development, capitalization stages and market-place entry, for those ‘creative-explorers’ doing this activity (gifted entrepreneurs, usually) and as well, for our organization, as a platform, to utilize in the ongoing advancement of our Company operations. This section encompasses a dynamic-interchange and exchange aspect of our business platform.
This activity is also for people who may be interested in becoming an internalized B2B-IntelCORE! and TigerTeamCORE!™ Professional Operations Officer at MIII. We engage a very unique and exciting company induction program. The (M3) induction program is a robust, dynamic, rapid escalation into a rarified and familial position directly into the “core” of the organization. Qualify to be a strategic core member of this well trained, consciously elite executive cadre and experience a life changing renewal! Real time visible results:
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The Great Circle
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