A Grand Bed and Breakfast in the Authentic Native American Tipi Space.

The tipi is a shelter that appeals to every outdoorsman. The tipi is not only a universally accepted all weather shelter but also serves as a cozy home. It is aesthetically beautiful to live in or camp. The Tipi grandly reflects the attributes of the beauty of nature in the dynamic changing climate of the high desert. Enjoy a night or two in the grand majesty of the Authentic Native American Tipi! We serve luxury bed and breakfast in this space as well as the lodge, whatever your preference, or both.
It is a true joy to be alive and enjoy the privilege of a true Tipi space that is expertly pitched and well appointed. When one comes back to the Tipi after a long day or two of adventure in the desert, the little fire in the center is more cozy and inviting than ever. The moon rides high in the clear desert night sky. A full or partially full moon shines right down the long oval smoke hole to the buffalo skin bedding to the rear of the lodge style space inside the Tipi.
The pale light of the moon adds to the rosy light of a fading fire. It is beautiful beyond description. It is fascinating and inspiring to watch the long streaks of moonlight move across the shadows from the poles across the smoke hole. The moonlight moves shadows from one pole to the next inside the Tipi and then fades away as they fan out across the back rests. Visitors listen to and breathe in the deep silence of the wilderness. They fall asleep watching the stars sparkle above as brilliant light darts in and out between the poles.
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