Collaborative Aggregate Group Venture: A City On the Edge of Forever!

The Space-Cruiser-Transport Module and Alpha Moonbase! 
A Little Bit About Spaceport History
 The Space-Cruiser-Transport-System™ (SCTS™), was introduced to us by a group of astro-explorers and an International business consortium, as a multi-stage, space plane vehicle project, integrated within what's to be built as the Spaceport - L5, Alpha Moonbase platform. This is an adventure-space-tourism-reality matrix! The SCTS™, in and of itself, is a two stage, reusable space plane vehicle that will provide travelers an opportunity to actually experience space on regularly scheduled flights to official astronaut altitude (100 Meters or out to 300,000+ feet, above sea level!
This adventure has come to full commercial market public awareness. Our organization took this direction with Sir Richard Branson's vision of a future where all living things including human beings are held within a healthy and abundant bio-sphere. We did this not by going to space, which is important, but our approach entailed the delivery of this platform as a parallel multi staged universe (StarPorts4Kidz™). This is an experiential destination platform containing a dynamic multi elevation, multi site, EnviroponicsPermacultureAesthetic™ (EPA) absorption compliant based package.
"Too Intelligent to be Categorized"
a little more history...
By satisfying the strong world-wide consumer demand for space-tourism, Sir Richard Branson and associates caused the on going assembly of this consortium of companies and talented individuals. The consortium has already captured hundreds of millions of dollars in revenues during the first part of the first decade of the 21st Century. Results from surveys and studies by national space agencies in the U.S. and abroad have confirmed market demand numbering from 10,000 to 50,000 space travelers per year. These consumers are willing to pay US $25,000 to US$200,000 per person, per space flight at the Spaceport-L5, Alpha Moonbase stage. At the outset of the operation this strategic industry partnership and its affiliates can profitably serve 1,100 to 3,000+ passengers a year generating annual revenues of US$100M-$300M. People are already buying these tickets to outer space!
Preliminary ticket sales have exceeded projections, supporting these market studies. An estimated $800 MM in pre-sold Space-jet ticket sales have been presold. Our organization is working with the strength of its Founder and a group of talented visionaries to bring about global transformation of "Earth's Energy" in a tangential aspect of these extraordinary developments. We are hosting high desert Timber-lodge-guest ranch adventures in this process with visionary luminaries in various relevent fields of endeavor to playout our pivotal role within the context of the building of the great S.W.-USA SpacePort™, with which Mr. Richard Branson is a leading visionary in the brand naming and commercialization of this endeavor.
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