Use these exotic location postcards to “Contact the World!” and effectively market an outrageously adventurous special events, week-end-get-a-way package of any style or combination from this web site. Direct excitement and no down side market! Sell with a healthy higher consciousness, by knowing that every dollar spent is a dollar that makes a difference in the preservation of culture via Our™ Leave a Legacy and REXS, programs, at this ecologically advanced experimental station, for local, regional, national and internationally, for the preservation of life on Planet Earth. Perfect for small intimate groups, party on the patio (Pop Culture Club events, holiday private party revelers, travelers and corporate retreats and other potentials in the growth of your business using the resources of this powerful media communications platform with its fabulously exotic high desert Northern Arizona cross-cultural preservation platform, TheWoodShedAZ! 

TheWoodshedAZ Promotional Postcard
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1. Regular Sized Postcard @ 5.6 X 4.25 inches

  Minimum Order Volume:  250 cards @ .185 each:  $40.00
Plus: a.  Shipping of each card at .40 / per card:  $88.00
              b.  Processing and admin fees @ 15% of total:  $19.00

TOTAL Cost for 250 Regular Sized Postcards:  $147.00 USD
2. Jumbo Sized Postcard @ 8.5 X 5.5 inches
Minimum Order Volume:  108 cards @ .69 each:  $39.96
    Plus:  a.  Shipping of each card @ .40 / per card:  $74.52
               b.  Processing and admin fees @ 15% of total:  $17.12
TOTAL Cost for 108 Jubo Sized cards: $132.00 USD
3.  Giant Sized Postcard @ 11 X 8.5 inches
Minimum Order Volume: 500 cards @ .86 each:  $430.00
   Plus:  a. Processing and admin fees of 15% of total:  $64.50
TOTAL Cost for 500 Giant Sized Postcards:  $494.50 USD
As a marketing professional or from a personal perspective, you may also customize this card by changing the pictures and the style to suit your tastes by ordering a minimum order of 250 cards, plus your own independent creation-design-production package.
PLEASE NOTE:  If you are ordering a postcard and have further questions on ordering your own special brand or on utilizing the existing media on this site then please email us at or call 877.237.6342 and ask to speak to one of TheWoodShedAZ's customer service representatives. 
ATV Park
Horseback Riding
Mt Biking
Broadband Internet Connection
Rock Hounding
Rock Climbing
Outback Gourmet
Trout Fishing
Children Under 6 Stay Free
Tribal Legends
Tipi Away Zone
The Great Circle
Millennium III -

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