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Extraction from Staged Engineering Plans of Full Conversion of Desert, to Forest at 6,000 feet elevation, at TheWoodShedAZ! location.  As for instance. Budgets for not for profit donations into the S.O.S.-I.E.V.™ RDU 501 ( c ) 3, (in formation).

Subject: Water economics (volumes of water produced from phase one).
RE:   Phase one produces 7.7mm/gal, H 20, annually on site.
Urban & Rural Water Ranching.  Ecology Experimental Station layer.  TheWoodShedAZ™ O.L.E.™ (Outdoor Living Energies™) Water Ranch layer with limited and not for profit partners (Relationships). Click images below to enlarge.

When areas were forested, ungrazed, uncultivated and lacked the hard pavement of roads and settlements, little run-off occurred and through flow in soils kept streams flowing.

Manmade desertified areas lack these characteristics, and we need to intercede in the hydrological cycle to store, infiltrate, and convert rainwater into vegetative growth - in short, TO CREATE STORAGE TO ASSIST FOREST REGENERATION!
Installing open systems that re-engage the hydrological cycle by first converting “Flushing” contours to “Absorption” contours, un-compacting the land and planting, pioneer species.  The resulting vegetation harvests the sunlight, sequesters carbon, sequesters clean ground water, and when saturated delivers clean springs and streams. The very essence of natural systems.
TheWoodShedAZ™ for instance, is an area within the Northern Arizona region that is a Volcanic mountain and ash moraine  region at 6,000 feet elevation with Junipers, desert grasses, bitter brush, sparse cactus of various varieties. The junipers hold the only remnants of topsoil in well space islands surrounded by pebble ash with some remnant grasses. This condition is the result of unrelenting timber extraction/mining overgrazing practices by mankind.
Therefore: Phase One is engineered, to create the O.L.E.™ (Outdoor Living Energies™) Water Ranch layer with limited and not for profit partners O.U.R.™ / N.A.R.E.X.™ on the property that encompasses TheWoodshedAZ™. The O.L.E™ Water Ranch is an ever expanding soil factory for the first three years while contouring and pioneer species establish and develop. This process is wonderful to watch and participate in.
The profile of water retention potential is as follows in that area (average long term rain fall is established at six to seven inches per year minimum):
  Acreage enhanced with Riparian zones @ 12” rain  = 15,400,000 gallons
    Acreage enhanced with Riparian zones @ 6"rain = 7,700,000 gallons
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