Statement of Philosophy:

Old methods and ideas are bankrupt.  They always have been.  New ideas layered over the top of old ideas to generate original thoughts to improve or benefit life is always needed.

Renewably progressive Paradigm Shifts and renewably progressive Sea Changes are needed.  Not once, twice, or every once in awhile but all the time.  Unbridled intelligence, unleashed in an ongoing and upward spiraling trend, utilizing unbridled intelligence feeding an infinitely circular intelligence upswing, to assist in the reversal of the existing and massively chaotic downward spiral of our present earth platform, which will not sustain life in its current man driven direction towards totalitarian control and loss of liberty, to humans as individuals and as organized communities, is required.

Read carefully this “Web Realm of an emerging Paradigm Shift” and other materials, links, people, resources, involving a rich fabric of the aggregation, integration and organized implementation of a covey of powerful displacement technology realms.  What you are seeing is a facet of a larger Sea Change, happening now in your local communities and in your local regions, nationally and internationally.  Various unique and creative means of capitalization via for profit and not for profit channels have been, are or will be provided in an ever increasingly robust platform here.  This platform has been designed and installed, so others in the ‘many’ of this world may also participate in ever strengthening means, in how eliciting change for the better is accomplished effectively.

To improve conditions on the Planet today, resistance to a perceived wrong will no longer effectively succeed in this era we are in, when the existing powers utilize the latest technology with unlimited resources, to discover and vanquish direct opposition to their agendas. The B.E.A.S.T. machinery works insidiously to harness the earths’ productive aspects of the human population globally, in a hapless reflection of its own pathetic machinations which inevitably cycle back on itself, as a failed mechanism (this is what could be described as “the new world dis-order”). 

However powerful, the water carrier with a better idea can always breach the greatest citadel. Ideas not weapons are the armament of the future and have always marked the forward movement of mankind.

Millennium III and The Woodshed AZ, within the context of various expansion measures being taken such as the strategic placement of OUR-Leave a Legacy programs over the top of the desertified lands at this high desert altitude location, serves a role as an experimental ecology station on the end of an archipelago of “edible gardens”.  

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