Initial Pro Biz$ Engagement Detail

If you are currently involved in doing business with our organization or thinking about doing business with our organization, then we will need to know what your preferences are, in order to work with you. Once you complete your understanding from reading Sectors A.-B. of the Professional Business Engagement Options, you will then return to Item #4 (the NDA/NCA Agreement we will ask you to make with our organization to enter any proprietary area of our business platform) – this is another document you may receive (other than these web based rich-media and web document reviews, etc.) through your participation by your requests and through our Instructions and protocols; this document (Item #4 in our Waterfall of engagement documents), is not in this web site.
CALL: 877.237.6342. You tell us what part of the “Ball Park” you wish to play in? If you are being presented this web site and its additional information knowledge by a trained professional of our organization, then you may advise this person of your interests and they will facilitate your needs or requests and desires.
Important Notice
It is your choice, what combination of services you make reservations for or products you purchase from this web domain or our business and recreational platform:  Our organization purveys both recreational and business to business intelligence, arts, entertainment, rich media third party vendor advertising services and personal or business lifestyle transformation services, on this web domain.  As an organization, we are fully capable of finely integrating all of these elements for the customer, but it is up to the customer, the purchaser, to tell us, what customer wishes and desires are, to optimize customer reservations.  You may choose strictly recreation.  You may choose strictly business, or you may put them together, in any combination you wish.
"Recreational activities on this web site are entirely separate from business to business activities on this web site or at this destination.  Unless specified via customer order via credit card, money orders, cashiers checks and checks (properly cleared), by the parties making reservations, specifically to a customized match, in their choice preferences, through purchase of services or products offered on this web domain, our job is to facilitate customer choices and serve the customer.  Our job as a professional organization,  seeking unique higher quality 'off the beaten path' travel, tourism and hospitality services or other things of interest on this site, is to insure that all reservations result in a customized and personalized match to fit all customer, client and partners preferences in visiting this region, at an optimum level of performance.  We meet customer needs and desires whether the inquiry and reservation being made is made by customer, client, partner, family member or a 'passers by' or local tourist, touring the region.  Every customer is 'equal' on this playing field.  If you are a day trip tourist or a local party that is just visiting this location in the local region, you are welcome, enjoy the space!  Please call in advance, so we may give you current events and information. You can find directions to ThewoodshedAZ via this link here - DIRECTIONS. Print the directions and use them, they are accurate!  You'll find TheWoodShedAZ!."

Business to Business

"Business activities on this web-realm-labyrinthe are entirely separate from recreational activities on this realm or at this destination (each menu item is a place and item of its own which customers may inquire about or choose to combine), and it is up to the purchaser entirely, as to what the purchaser orders or wishes to combine.  Sort of like a "genie bottle", you must choose to rub it, before the Genie 'appears'.  As a Company we do not acknowlegde any orders as completed for delivery to the customer, unless specified via confirmed orders via credit card, money orders, cashiers checks and checks (properly cleared), by the parties making reservations, specifically to a customized match, in their choice preferences, through purchase of services or products offered on this web domain. 
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