Segment #7 of the High-Energy Soft-Touch Enviro Tourism & Entertainment Adventure Package!

During the spring and summer months in Arizona, this unique executive retreat transforms itself from a ‘workshop for enterprise development, into an outrageously pleasant Outback “Safari party bar” and campgrounds to bring an exotic one of a kind high desert experience to people during peak vacation dates such as memorial day week-end, the 4th of July and Labor day and all days in between, in spring and summer, TheWoodShedAZ! is a non stop Party on the Patio!  For you folks who are touring the region, if you are near Flagstaff or in Flag, you won’t want to miss this site, whether its just to enjoy a smoothie in the sun on the decks or to hang out and relax in the view lounges inside, or even to take a nap in the private upper reaches of the cathedral ceiling open air desert studio and sleeping spaces, you will not be disappointed that you came! 

And, you won’t be able to wait to “show and tell” your friends about it so we have broadband Internet on location for instantaneous digital pictures of your POP (Party on the Patio) Culture Club experience in the true high alpine Desert, Outback smack in the center of the magical Colorado Plateau!
TheWoodshedAZ Campgrounds Unlimited Acres of Rugged Outback
Price: $35.00 per night

The mystique here beckons you to come and enjoy the elegant Wild West Safari Serengeti Style Outback Specialty… Timber lodge services bar, mineral water treated deck spa.  The laid back high desert view lounges and open air, big timber beamed cathedral ceiling, club house atmosphere are graced most often with cool desert breezes.  You are embraced with the quiet of slow moving, crisp and clean desert atmospheres here at 6,000 feet elevation.  From the party and entertainment decks you view panoramic, stunning 80 mile vistas of the Painted desert, across the Hopi and Navaho lands. 

Enjoy the lodge, then kick back in the campsite destinations and meet the celebrity artists and technicians that worked to create this rarified environment for you to enjoy. 

‘Touring walk-in-customers’ on either special event week ends or those who are traveling through the great Northern Arizona Colorado Plateau region, all summer to see places like Flagstaff, Sedona and the Grand Canyon are greatly enhancing their journeys and spoiling themselves as they should; by visiting the silent mystique and experiencing the genuine magic that are the real trademarks of this silent and wilderness desert world; this is a realm to see and hold in your memories that can not be matched anywhere else in the Northern Arizona region or in the world. Read More: continued...
ATV Park
Private Zen Space
Horseback Riding
Mt Biking
Natural Healing Herbs
Rock Hounding
Rock Climbing
Optional Companions
Trout Fishing
Children Under 12 Stay Free
Tribal Legends
Fiery Sunrises
The Great Circle
Millennium III -

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