Building Space, Time, Cash-flow and Lifestyle with true wealth building, preservation and multi-generational pass-through!  Asset Creation, Cumulation, Preservation and Ultimate ReaLife! Enjoyment!

PREMISE:  The old adage has never been truer than it is today regarding “assets and money”.  Earning money, cumulating valuable assets, especially ‘revenue producing assets’, is the first major half of the battle.  Keeping those assets, cash and capital is as tough an assignment as earning it.  Maintaining your health, a positive attitude and enjoying both the path to earning more, learning more about accelerating earnings and while doing so, preserving it along the way, after it is cumulated and then growing the value of what you create exponentially, is the whole ball of wax. Well, not quite! So, how does one go about this and actually succeed at ‘winning’ this ‘game of life’?  This too, is an age old question and still is, always changing, never the same, the answers are simple and complex at the same time but all of the answers to these things are based on universal laws and principals.

FACT:  In the United States alone over 24 million law suits are initiated in our courts every year.  Every individual born in this country or living in this country as a citizen may face three or more lawsuits in their lifetime.  These are sobering statistics and they are true.  Therefore, one must seriously consider the different ways and means of protecting their assets from potential loss.

FACT:  Insurance protects us but only if you can afford it and if you can, it will only protect you 70% of the time.  Revocable family trusts protect us from estate taxes and probate but not from lawsuits.  Corporations shield us from business suits, but not personal claims.  How then do we gain the assurances and protections we need from outside forces diluting our assets and capital?

Century’s old advise with new twists and turns of the legal profession.  But alas, no matter how good or how loyal your attorney(s) are or is, there still is no fixed solution to securing your ‘assets and wealth’, without a serious look into the depths of change in our world today.  What is really going on?  Indeed, there are century’s old devices that legally are utilized in today’s sophisticated business to business intelligence and professional consultancy world that with slight alterations, using different state laws to fully protect individual wealth and assets, cash and cumulative residual income earnings can be entirely protected for generations. 

Administrated correctly, one may preserve and protect assets, bank accounts, cash, investments and all their properties from the potential claims of their own creditors.  The current owner(s) may extend this protection to their children and their grandchildren.  With the divorce rate rising to levels of 50% or more, one of the most likely claims, for instance, would come from an ex-spouse, against your properties, causing a loss of wealth to your children.  Claims can come from partners, x-partners, corporate shareholders and even from people or organizations that have no connection to you; they’re just after your assets and your money and there are professional legal suit filers that pursue unprotected assets, for a living.
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